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M2M sim card subscription

With our mobile M2M sim cards you can manage IoT appliances using the high priority variants of 2G/3G/4G network, we offer different bundles at low cost with no commitment/contract.

Our data bundles start at € 1,69 (incl 1MB) p/m (€1,40 excl VAT) and you can manage and supplement them online. In addition we offer various graphs and tools amongst which an API and VPN without extra charge so you can configure the product to your wishes.

  • For consumer & business
  • Monthly contract
  • EU wide shipping
  • VPN, API & more included

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What is M2M ?

M2M is an acronym for Machine-to-Machine, it is a mobile internet subscription designed for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions (machines) where the amount of data transmitted is limited but of high priority (for use cases such as track & trace systems).

What is the difference between M2M and regular Sim cards?

Though the sim cards themselves are the same, M2M subscriptions seperate themselves from traditional mobile communication on several areas, most prominent being the higher priority the provider applies to it allowing improved reception.

By default our subscriptions cover the entire European Union (and Switzerland, Norway and Iceland) with world wide coverage also being available for a premium MB price. We however do not offervoice communications, only internet/SMS text based communication.

Suitable for my device ?

Do you have a GPS tracker, car tracker or other type of remote device, then an M2M subscription is likely your best option. Considering such devices only use a minimal amount of data, a subscription of a few Megabytes is often more than enough, for more information and examples on pricing click here

What is IoT ?

IoT is a common acronym in our industry, it stands for 'Internet of Things' which is a collective name for the increased connectivity of every day appliances. A refrigerator with wifi, a GPS parcel tracker and internet packages included in newer cars are all examples of the 'Internet of Things'.

Quality Assurance

As per our core principles our services aim for the highest quality standards. Our infrastructure is redundant at every level with multiple backup facilities, allowing the for persistant connectivity to IoT devices. We offer affordable mobile internet by using highly automated systems and prepaid solutions. With our quality guarantees, extended functionality we believe to offer our custmers the most value on the M2M mobile provider market.

Extended functionality

As our service is primarily focussed towards business userswe offer extended functionality to facilitate connectivity to our system. As such we offer a RESTFUL API which offers you easy connectivity with your own and third party systems, beyond this we offer tools to manage thousands of subscriptions at once. Should you miss any functionality please let us know.

Delivery times

Sim cards ordered before 15:30 on working days are sent out the same day and delivered the next day within Netherlands. For any EEA/EU country shipping takes between 2-5 working days on average. Priority shipments for larger sim card quantities is possible, please contact us online for more information. We deliver within the entire EU/EEA.

3-in-1 sim card

Our sim card offers easy to use 3-in-1 size so it will fit in any product.

EU bundle

Your bundle is valid within the entire EU without extra fee, world bundles possible for extra fee.

Suitable for IoT

Our M2M subscripts are very suitable for Internet of Things devices.

Flexible Contract

You can change or cancel your subscription Monthly.

Professional tools

We offer various professional tools such as API, VPN, VPC and corporate network connectivity.

Control Panel

You can keep track of all your services,subscriptions and sim cards in the control panel.

GSM to own APN

You can send your mobile data directly to your own network, APN or VPN.


Bundle Price p/m (incl VAT)
1 MB €1,69
3 MB €2,42
5 MB €3,03
10 MB €4,84
25 MB €6,05
50 MB €7,26
100 MB €9,68
€ 0,15 per SMS/Text message
€ 0,42 per MB Outside of Bundle
€ 6,05 per sim card *
€ 2,42 per subscription activation

* Discount possible for 10 sim cards and up

Feature rich control panel

If you are looking to shrink your bundle or wish to view statistics of 100 sim cards, all of this is possible in our feature rich control panel, which contains:

  • Graphs and charts on your usage
  • Overview of all your subscriptions
  • Control of your limits and warnings
  • Configuration of network settings (VPN, API, etc)

M2M / IoT Possibilities

Logistical tracking

With M2M technology you can keep track of cars/trucks and get live status updates on their latest positions..

Package tracking

Track important parcels by monitoring the package variables and exact location.

Arduino IoT device

Use arduino to build your own IoT connected device for any application.

Home security

Home security systems can communicate live on the security status of your home

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  • Activation

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